Evan Berryhill

Evan Berryhill


Squat: 330#

Deadlift: 400#

Snatch: 175#

Power Clean: 245#

lowest golf score: 73


CrossFit Level 2

jiu jitsu blue belt

About Coach

Where to begin? I played sports like soccer, baseball, and flag football as a young child. My dad introduced golf to me at a young age which has stuck with me. I also picked up ice hockey for a few years in high school, but the fitness part didn’t come until later when I started college in 2008. This included a lot of weight lifting and the occasional inter-mural sports. I knew of CrossFit but didn’t try it out until 2015 my friend Derek founded CrossFit Homebase Central. I’ve been hooked ever since. Derek took me under his wing and allowed me to coach some classes which really helped calm my nerves in front of bigger groups. I received my L1 in 2020 and decided to get my L2 less than a year later. Coaching has afforded me the opportunity to meet and coach folks from all different ages and skill levels. It’s taught me that CrossFit isn’t as intimidating as it’s made out to be and that everyone who’s anyone can enjoy this sport.

Today, I practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kickboxing, competition pistol, and rifle shooting, and will still get out for the occasional round of golf.

Turning Point

For me, it was realizing that growth and change, in any aspect of life, takes time and effort, and it doesn’t happen overnight. You’re not supposed to have it all figured out when you’re 25. Embrace change and understand that every day is a learning process.

Motivation & Passion

I want everyone who’s anyone to try CrossFit. If you’re intimidated to come into the gym then I’m your guy!