Marisa Maher

Marisa Maher


Clean and Jerk: 225;
Snatch 175;
Overhead Squat 205;
5:40 DT; 4:24 Diane; 1:47 Grace


Biology & Chemistry Double Major with Athletic Training Minor

Level 2 CF Certification

Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting Crossfit Preferred Course

Power Monkey (Oly lifting & Gymnastics)

The Gymnastics Course (Crossfit Preferred) x2

Barbell Rehab Certification Course

Adaptive Inclusive Trainer Certified

Competitive Course/Athlete Camps (x4)

About Coach

From a young age, sports have been a defining part of my life. Beginning my athletic journey in 2nd grade, basketball quickly captured my heart, setting the stage for a lifetime of sporting excellence. My passion for basketball led me to York College in York, Nebraska, where I competed on a scholarship. There, my athletic prowess was not limited to the basketball court; I also shone as a member of the Track & Field Team. My senior year was marked by significant achievements, including being named an Academic All-American and helping my team secure the MACC Conference championship. In track and field, I showcased my versatility by participating in the 4x400m relay, long jump, javelin throw, and occasionally competing in the Heptathlon as well as the open 100m and 200m races. My ambition and skills on the basketball court drew attention from professional scouts, and I was invited to several combines for potential professional opportunities. Though I ultimately did not pursue a career in professional basketball, this journey led me to discover my true passion: CrossFit. The sport resonated with me, highlighting my love for strength, conditioning, and the thrill of pushing the limits of what my body can achieve. This newfound passion was complemented by my early experiences in dancing, tumbling, and gymnastics, which laid a strong foundation for my CrossFit endeavors. In adulthood, I have found notable success in CrossFit, securing podium finishes in prestigious competitions such as the Monster Games, Fittest of the Coast, and Battle at the Base. My accomplishments include first-place finishes in both individual and team categories, and qualifying for national competitions like The Fittest Experience Rx and Wodapalooza. Additionally, my individual milestones in the sport, such as achieving a clean and jerk of 225 pounds, a snatch personal record of 170 pounds, and completing my first ring muscle up, stand out as some of my proudest moments. These achievements are not merely personal triumphs but are also a testament to my dedication and the spirit of sportsmanship that I bring to every aspect of my athletic career. My extensive experience in competitive sports and coaching has equipped me with a unique set of skills and insights that make me an effective mentor for athletes at all stages of their journey. As a coach, I emphasize a holistic approach to training, combining technical skill development, strength conditioning, and strategic mental conditioning to foster both physical and psychological growth. Having balanced high-level competition with academic pursuits, I understand the importance of maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle, which I integrate into my training programs. This balance is crucial not only for professional athletes but also for beginners who are just stepping into the world of sports like CrossFit. I tailor my coaching to the individual's skill level, ensuring that newcomers feel welcomed and supported while more experienced athletes are challenged and pushed to excel. My background in diverse sports disciplines allows me to adapt techniques and training methods from basketball, track and field, and gymnastics to enhance my athletes' CrossFit performance. This adaptability helps all athletes, regardless of their initial skill level, to improve their fundamentals, learn new skills quickly, and safely push their limits. Furthermore, my experiences with high-stakes competitions provide valuable lessons in resilience and sportsmanship that I pass on to my athletes. I teach them how to handle pressure, set realistic goals, and celebrate both small victories and major triumphs. By fostering an environment of support and continuous improvement, I help athletes not only achieve their fitness goals but also gain confidence and a lifelong appreciation for health and fitness. In summary, my coaching philosophy is grounded in adaptability, comprehensive training, and a deep understanding of the physical and emotional aspects of sports. This approach ensures that every athlete, from the first-timer to the seasoned competitor, receives personalized guidance and support in their sporting journey.

Turning Point

From an early age, I faced numerous challenges that shaped my path as an athlete and a coach. In high school, despite my deep passion for basketball, I struggled with doubts about my abilities, fueled by limited playing time and a lack of support from my coach. This situation could have discouraged many, but for me, it became the enemy I was determined to defeat. My journey was not about proving my worth to just my coach but to myself. Through relentless summer training and self-promotion, I secured a basketball scholarship, turning my dream into a reality against all odds. The battle didn’t stop there. I've also fought personal battles against genetics and societal expectations regarding body image, compounded by struggles with depression and anxiety. Each weight lifted and each new skill mastered in the gym proved to me that with consistent effort, dedication, and the right mindset, any barrier can be overcome. My athletic career faced a significant hurdle during college when I underwent multiple knee surgeries. I was told I would never be able to squat below parallel again. Defying these predictions, I embraced the standards and virtuosity of CrossFit, achieving what I once thought was impossible. This experience has been a testament to the power of resilience and the pursuit of excellence beyond perceived limitations. As a coach, these experiences have instilled a profound understanding of the challenges athletes face, both on the surface and deep within. I’ve learned that talent isn’t always the most significant factor—hard work, perseverance, and the courage to continue amidst adversity are what truly count. In CrossFit, I've found that effort is rewarded, and progress is earned, which resonates deeply with my coaching philosophy. I am committed to helping others live out their potential, leveraging my experiences to guide them through their own battles, effectively short-cutting their journey to success. My mission is not just to train athletes but to empower individuals to conquer their personal enemies, whether they're doubts, fears, or physical limitations. Together, we're not just training for the sport; we're training for life, turning every challenge into a victory and every setback into an opportunity for growth.

Motivation & Passion

Originally driven to become an orthopedic surgeon to heal bodies and enhance human function, I discovered a more direct path to impact lives through CrossFit. As a coach, my mission is to harness the transformative power of this sport to help individuals achieve their highest physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional potential. I am dedicated to becoming the highest level athlete I can be, not only for my personal goals but to explore the full capabilities of the human body. This pursuit is not just about my journey; it's about leading by example and taking as many people as possible toward their own aspirations, whether they are athletes, parents, employees, business owners, or any combination thereof. Health and fitness are foundational to living life fully and realizing our callings. In my coaching, I strive to be a healer and a beacon of light, promoting both physical strength and mental resilience. My goal is to empower members to pursue their best lives, supporting them through experienced coaching, a supportive community, and access to quality resources and facilities. At our gym, you'll find more than just training; you'll discover a pathway to elevate your life at every level. Whether you're looking to improve your health, compete in sports, or simply be more active and engaged in your daily life, I am here to facilitate that transformation. Let’s work together to build a life that transcends the ordinary, enabling you to live passionately and purposefully.